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2 min video looking at the competition digital asset exchanges face

According to the website there are over 600 crypto exchanges currently so surely the sector is ripe for take-over activity. Presumably now with $50 m in cash the 1st NASDAQ listed crypto exchange Hong Kong Based EQUOS exchange will be looking for potential acquisitions?

In essence, as in most industries, only a handful of players dominate this space.

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We have written and given presentations on a number of occasions about how West Coast tech firms such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc seem to be looking to ‘take a Byte out of the Big Apple.’ All these techs bemouths have been busy building their own payment platforms, rivalling those which many of New York’s financial services firms have offered historically.

If countries such as the UK are successful and manage to cause financial services companies to be excluded from the global tax proposals for the world’s 100 biggest companies (currently being discussed), how long will it be before…

For those who understand Cockney rhyming slang: “would you adam it?” (adam and eve — believe). If by passing legislation in El Salvador so that Bitcoin is treated as legal tender was not radical enough, the country’s president, Nayib Bukele, has now instructed the state- owned geothermal electricity company to look into mining Bitcoin.

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Although El Salvador currently imports 19.23% of the electricity it needs, mining Bitcoin (especially at times when demand for electricity is low) may prove to be an efficient way to harness volcanoes’ geothermal energy 24/7. Will Bitcoin mining using volcanoes prove to be not only an…

In 2014, the Swiss and the European Union began negotiations on an institutional agreement which ultimately broke down. As of July 2019, this break down resulted in the Swiss losing their recognition of equivalence, meaning that EU investment firms would not be able to trade Swiss stock, such as Nestle, Novatis, Rocche, Chubb etc listed on Swiss stock exchanges. A repercussion of this could have been a collapse in volumes with a severe impact on the stock exchanges. So, to protect against this happening the Swiss government prohibited shares of Swiss companies (which are listed or traded on a Swiss…

This is the fifth in a series of articles by David Parsons from TrustMe Property Exchange. For a copy of the other four articles, contact

As with digital assets, the saying “anything can be digitised” is now being fully put to the test as your imagination can now be turned into a digital asset. We will explore this alchemy and see what’s behind this new digital sorcery.

…trust me, there is an invisible $18,000 statue sitting in my home library. I just had to buy it after seeing it at the artist’s gallery in Italy. The artist initially wanted…

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Typically, mirror/ copy trading is a service offered when someone, or a company, wishes to copy a trader/manager who has a proven track record, whether that be buying and selling of foreign exchange (FX), commodities, equities, or cryptocurrencies. This trading is also often used where the trader/manager is using gearing/leverage, which is often the case when it comes to managing FX and commodities.

The FCA, in the UK, offers the following guidance between mirror trading and copy trading:

Mirror trading, an evolution of automated trading, simply implements fixed strategies based on trading preferences. Mirror trading may involve copying experienced and…

Every day we are seeing the effects of monetary inflation on common items, building supplies, food, gasoline, and other daily commodities. This is directly the result of a vast expansion of the money supply by governments. This article focuses on how to use digital assets to mitigate the inflationary effects expanding the money supply, first by examining the strategies of our forefathers, secondly by using modern digital assets in the same manner.

Good as Gold

A gold clause is a provision within a contract that requires consideration to be paid in gold or another particular type of currency upon request. The creditor can…

The value of the global remittance market in 2019 was $554 billion and is expected to fall to $470billion in 2021 as a result of the impact from COVID-19. Nevertheless, it is still a huge quantity of money being transferred around the world, and often by some of the lowest paid workers. The World Bank claims: “If the cost of sending remittances could be reduced by 5 percentage points relative to the value sent, remittance recipients in developing countries would receive over $16 billion dollars more each year than they do now.”

It should come of no surprise, therefore, that…

A 2-minute video looking Blockchain technology’s likely impact on the insurance sector

The insurance sector has been slow to embrace technology and the use of Blockchain technology is no exception, despite some potentially very interesting ways in which it could be used. In very simplistic terms, Blockchain technology is likely to impact the insurance sector in two predominant ways: operationally — i.e., making infrastructure much less expensive in terms of the day-to-day way it conducts its business activities, and as an investor — i.e., the way insurance companies hold as well as the types of investments insurance firms’ trade. …

Digital Assets “A Girl’s New Best Friend Forever”

Digital assets are like diamonds.

Source: Australian Marketing Institute

Digital assets are like diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, according to the 1940’s song. Fast forward 80 years, digital assets are now starting to compete with these small pieces of carbon for BFF status (best friends forever). Diamonds, like digital assets, share the following intrinsic traits: difficult to mine, small and extremely portable, pretty to look at, incredibly durable, easy to verify authenticity, and a relatively common (price per carat) global value. Furthermore, their inherent attributes include universal acceptance, divisibility (i.e. carats), fusibility (i.e. pile of diamonds). …

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