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2 min video looking at the competition digital asset exchanges face

According to the website there are over 600 crypto exchanges currently so surely the sector is ripe for take-over activity. Presumably now with $50 m in cash the 1st NASDAQ listed crypto exchange Hong Kong Based EQUOS exchange will be looking for potential acquisitions?

In essence, as in most industries, only a handful of players dominate this space.

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Digital Assets — infrastructure and adoption continues Visa is to accept the stablecoin, USDC, on its platform which generates institutional interest globally as PayPal launches its Crypto Checkout option in the US.

Why are traditional banks not making profits from hedge funds looking to arbitrage Bitcoin? — Banks have been reluctant to offer banking services to firms engaged in crypto currencies. Despite the attractive returns available to hedge fund managers to arbitrage Bitcoin, many banks remain unwilling to lend to some of those hedge fund managers who can be their most profitable clients. …

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The life and journey of a Crypto artist by Pierre Bourque

In my case, I’ve been creating art for just about all my life. First with crayons, pencils & pens. Then, with charcoal, oils, & acrylic. More recently, with the tools available to a digital nomad such as my laptop and mobile phone, along with the phone’s camera and the laptop’s apps.

It’s a process that sometimes transfers from mind’s eye to the screen automagically, and at other times can take multiple tries to the point that I will more often than not throw out and delete a work and…

The profits of arbitraging an asset have been exploited by highly sophisticated investors, such as hedge fund managers, for years. These arbitrage profits can arise when an asset such as an equity, commodity, and now a crypto currency, can be bought on one exchange for less than the price it can be sold for on another exchange. Arguably, in theory this is a risk-free trade since you buy Bitcoin in one place and sell it for a higher price elsewhere.

Firms which are deeply engaged with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, BitGo, BlockFi, Galaxy Digital and Genesis are increasingly targeting…

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The benefits that Blockchain technology can bring to asset managers’ clients — Blockchain technology can be used to help identify when a fund is straying from its stated investment strategy, bringing greater transparency in real time for compliance offices, regulators, and investors. Blockchains can also be used to t …

The success of a mutual fund has, historically, relied on three facets — good performance, confidence/trust in the asset management firm, and strong and effective distribution -because, even if you are the best fund manager in the world, if no one has heard of you then it is tough to attract assets to manage. The performance takes time and can be very fickle, as can be seen by the fact that active funds typically underperform the indices that they are supposed to beat. Furthermore, in the past, large banks and insurance companies have had a captive investor- base or have…

The increasing interest in the DeFi sector means it is now worth over $60billion. There are several companies offering their services to help DeFi investors. Messari provides the crypto market with professional grade data, tools and research; Dune Analytics provides Ethereum analytics, Crypto Compare provides definitive, real-time digital asset data; NYCtale provides business intelligence solutions to monitor dApps performances, and Novum Insights provides actionable analysis on all the major DeFi trends, having launched a series of products targeting the decentralised finance sector. Finally, the DeFi Score is a community-contributed, single, comparable value for measuring platform risk, based on factors including…

2 min video summary about the rise of PayPal and how they and other payment platforms have become so dominant.

We’ve had several readers respond to an article written in Digital Bytes on the 3rd of March 2021 about the fact that a number of the world’s largest debit card providers are now accepting cryptocurrencies on their payment platforms. Furthermore, whilst presenting at a recent online event, it was interesting to note that many of the attendees were surprised to learn that PayPal ($282billion) is more than twice the size of IBM ($115Billion) and Goldman Sachs ($119billion) in terms of its stock market valuation. So, we decided to look further into PayPal, a now global business which was established in…

2 min video looking at the increase in asset managers looking to launch ETF BTCs —

Fidelity have just made a submission to launch the Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust, an ETF and now awaits SEC approval

The ETF market is approaching $8 trillion having enjoyed considerable institutions support and many passive funds have struggled outperform active funds and ETF’s costs are considerably less

Source: Statista

Fidelity are not the first traditional financial services company to be involved in a Crypto ETF but join STATE STREET……$38.8 trillion in assets under custody and/or administration $3.5 trillion in assets under management.

Will we see more…

There has been a flurry of institutions making announcements as to their involvement with digital assets and crypto currencies. Goldman Sachs surveyed over 300 of its high-net-wealth clients and found that over 40% of them are already exposed to crypto currencies in various ways, with 61% intending to increase their exposure to this asset class in one way or another. However, it is not only Goldman Sachs which has turned its attention to digital assets. As reported by Reuters, Citibank believes: “Bitcoin is at a tipping point and could become the preferred currency for international trade.”. …

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