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2 min video looking at the competition digital asset exchanges face

According to the website there are over 600 crypto exchanges currently so surely the sector is ripe for take-over activity. Presumably now with $50 m in cash the 1st NASDAQ listed crypto exchange Hong Kong Based EQUOS exchange will be looking for potential acquisitions?

In essence, as in most industries, only a handful of players dominate this space.

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The gaming sector has come a long way since the first video game, Pong, was launched by Atari in 1972. And who can forget the Space Invaders who landed on planet earth in 1978?

However, today’s on-line gaming market is much more sophisticated — it is huge and ever growing in popularity. This sector was arguably ignited in 2001 by Microsoft’s Xbox Live online gaming platform which, for a monthly subscription fee, gave gamers access to multiplayer matchmaking. In 2004, the on-line multiplayer market then experienced a further huge surge in interest with the launch of World of Warcraft, selling…

Bitcoin mining requires considerable computer power, and therefore electricity, so naturally the major Bitcoin miners have located to parts of the world where the price of electricity is the lowest.

The electricity cost to mine a Bitcoin


There is a widely held perception that Bitcoin mining has to be detrimental to the world’s environment because it uses more power than individual countries, although many do not realize that the tech sector alone accounts for 2–3 percent of all global carbon emissions according to the UN. …

Mobile devices and the Internet have changed how music is broadcast throughout the world. Most countries enforce a royalty payment method via government regulation to ensure that musicians and artists are compensated for the use of their performances. For example, SoundExchange in the United States, collects online broadcast payments through a membership system via three Performance Rights Organizations. Large online radio networks have monetized this valuable content with membership perks and traditional broadcast advertising in an attempt to offset the fees enforced by the laws.

The above information offers questions regarding the hype around NFTs in the Music Industry. Inasmuch…

The bank manager who had for years been a pillar in the community and who was able to offer holistic financial advice to individuals and business has long disappeared. Some argue, so ought many of the banks that employed them. In the past, people had their wages paid to them in cash meaning that companies’ wages departments had to arrange for the banks to have sufficient notes and coins ready for their staff. Over the next few days, the cash often was then taken back and re-deposited at the bank. The whole exercise was a very manual task, with all…

We have had a great deal of feedback from readers asking for more tangible evidence of how Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are being used in different ways, having highlighted last week that NFTs are being used to help raise capital for films. Well, the creative juices of those engaged with NFTs certainly seem on the rise, with several pulling off the dust sheets in their attics and local museums. The world famous Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg is looking at selling NFTs of some of its works of art to help raise much needed cash.

Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo (1505–06).


The Uffizi…

The global film and video industry, worth over $244billion, has not ‘Gone with the Wind’ but Blockchain technology is certainly blowing the winds of change through the offices of writers, producers, and even actors. For example, MovieCoin was established as a test case to ascertain whether it was possible to finance a film by issuing tokens. This was followed during 2020 with the Litecoin Foundation producing a Johnny Knoxville horror film, whereby demonstrating the ability to finance films using Blockchain technology.

Source: Blockchain news

Looking further ahead, Anthony Hopkins is due to star in a film called Zero Contact which is to be…

2 min video —

Source: Blockchain news

Blockchains the tokens and NFTs this technology can create is having an impact on the media and music industry casting aside the once cosy cartels enjoyed by movie studios, and recording labels that have existed since the days of His Masters Voice and Charlie Chaplin. Greater transparency and the a new way to help finance TV, shows, movies and access new investors ought to mean performers and creators of media and music can get closer to their audiences. The global film and video industry, worth over $244billion, Anthony Hopkins will star in a film “Zero…

What do we mean by NFTs? ‘Non-fungible’ means that the object is unique and cannot be replaced with something else. For example, a £ or a $ or a € is fungible i.e., it can be traded/swapped for another £ or $ or €. If you were to trade a ‘one-of-a-kind’ asset e.g., a non-fungible asset such as a video, Tweet or picture for a different asset, you would have something completely different. …

Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) is receiving more and more attention from investors and therefore boards of companies. However, as reported by Reuters, the fact that “PwC is planning to hire 100,000 over five years in major ESG push” serves to illustrate how important it believes ESG to be, and the work that needs to be carried out by PwC’s clients. PwC is looking to invest $12 billion in the next five years and recruit 100,000 new jobs. The focus for these new staff is to help clients deal with climate and diversity reporting, and also artificial intelligence, as…

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