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2 min video looking at the competition digital asset exchanges face

According to the website there are over 600 crypto exchanges currently so surely the sector is ripe for take-over activity. Presumably now with $50 m in cash the 1st NASDAQ listed crypto exchange Hong Kong Based EQUOS exchange will be looking for potential acquisitions?

In essence, as in most industries, only a handful of players dominate this space.

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What have the Queen of England, the Catholic Church, and Bill Gates all have in common? Landownership, and lots of it! Earlier this year, the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation became the largest owners of farmland in the US, owning over 240,000 acres of land (approximately 97,000 hectares). The Catholic Church owns over 71 million hectares, which is a land mass the size of France, but the largest owner of land that is not a government is Queen Elizabeth II. According to the publication Love Money:By far the world’s largest non-governmental landowner, Queen Elizabeth II is the head of…

Guest article for Digital Bytes by Henry Burrows, CEO Alaco Analytics,

Here is a link to Henry being interviewed on the Digital Bytes show on Blockchain radio

With property purchases on the rise in the UK, expect to hear a lot more about Bitcoin mortgages in the coming months. Amid a boom in crypto prices, retail investors are capitalising on the surge to deploy their proceeds into real estate. A mature regulatory landscape, the expansion of crypto services, and a willingness by banks to accept Bitcoin are key factors in this new trend.

Average UK house price

Source: Office for National Statistics, HM land registry

Over the past…

How long will it be before we see Coinbase using its equity back on the acquisitions trail following its recent public listing on the NASDAQ exchange? Afterall, Coinbase has been growing fast with 35 million users in July 2020 and over 56 million clients — net income of $322.3 million in its 2020 profits and $1.8 billion of revenue in Q1 2021. It is certainly in rude health. Coinbase is no stranger to doing deals with notable acquisitions including Tagomi, a crypto currency brokerage platform, the controversial Neutrino, an intelligence company and Xapo, an institutional crypto custody specialist firm, to…

In Digital Bytes 28th April 2021, to receive your free copy each week looking at updates in the Blockchain and Digital Assets sectors email me

Written by Tanya Matveeva from KAMNI Chain Ltd, a UK-based consultancy firm focused on helping mining companies integrate blockchain solutions in their operations.

Even if most members of the general population don’t spare much thought for the mining industry, and some are even amazed when they learn that humanity is still engaged in this ancient-sounding activity — digging big holes, getting the metals out of the ground — the reality is yes, humanity is…

Digital Assets — infrastructure and adoption continues Visa is to accept the stablecoin, USDC, on its platform which generates institutional interest globally as PayPal launches its Crypto Checkout option in the US.

Why are traditional banks not making profits from hedge funds looking to arbitrage Bitcoin? — Banks have been reluctant to offer banking services to firms engaged in crypto currencies. Despite the attractive returns available to hedge fund managers to arbitrage Bitcoin, many banks remain unwilling to lend to some of those hedge fund managers who can be their most profitable clients. …

Source: Bourque 2013

The life and journey of a Crypto artist by Pierre Bourque

In my case, I’ve been creating art for just about all my life. First with crayons, pencils & pens. Then, with charcoal, oils, & acrylic. More recently, with the tools available to a digital nomad such as my laptop and mobile phone, along with the phone’s camera and the laptop’s apps.

It’s a process that sometimes transfers from mind’s eye to the screen automagically, and at other times can take multiple tries to the point that I will more often than not throw out and delete a work and…

The profits of arbitraging an asset have been exploited by highly sophisticated investors, such as hedge fund managers, for years. These arbitrage profits can arise when an asset such as an equity, commodity, and now a crypto currency, can be bought on one exchange for less than the price it can be sold for on another exchange. Arguably, in theory this is a risk-free trade since you buy Bitcoin in one place and sell it for a higher price elsewhere.

Firms which are deeply engaged with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, BitGo, BlockFi, Galaxy Digital and Genesis are increasingly targeting…

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The benefits that Blockchain technology can bring to asset managers’ clients — Blockchain technology can be used to help identify when a fund is straying from its stated investment strategy, bringing greater transparency in real time for compliance offices, regulators, and investors. Blockchains can also be used to t …

The success of a mutual fund has, historically, relied on three facets — good performance, confidence/trust in the asset management firm, and strong and effective distribution -because, even if you are the best fund manager in the world, if no one has heard of you then it is tough to attract assets to manage. The performance takes time and can be very fickle, as can be seen by the fact that active funds typically underperform the indices that they are supposed to beat. Furthermore, in the past, large banks and insurance companies have had a captive investor- base or have…

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