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2 min video looking at the competition digital asset exchanges face

According to the website cryptowisser.com there are over 600 crypto exchanges currently so surely the sector is ripe for take-over activity. Presumably now with $50 m in cash the 1st NASDAQ listed crypto exchange Hong Kong Based EQUOS exchange will be looking for potential acquisitions?

In essence, as in most industries, only a handful of players dominate this space.

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2 min video on how and why Big Blue- IBM is reinventing itself again

IBM has announced 90,000 of its current 352,000 employees will be moved to a ‘New Co’ — name yet to be announced. It will also be transferring some of its existing customers and will thereby have an initial turnover of $19billion. The New Co will run IBM’s ‘Managed Infrastructure Services’, i.e. its legacy IT infrastructure, leaving IBM to focus on higher margin digital transformation offers such as AI, Blockchain and Cloud services.

IBM and its New Co — different services offered

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Source: NewPlatform.com

When announcing the spin out IBM’s CEO, Arvind Krishna, said, “IBM is laser-focused on the $1 trillion hybrid cloud opportunity.” This follows on from IBM having reported only in September 2020 about how Blockchain adds trust to AI and IoT and stating, “Blockchain and AI are on every chief information officers watchlist of game-changing technologies that stand to reshape industries”. IBM has 1,500 staff and over 500 projects dealing with Blockchain work in a wide range of industries, including financial services, shipping and healthcare. IBM extols Blockchain as being able to both help improve supply chain logistics and offer greater transparency as to the provenance of the origin of food. Indeed, IBM has had some great successes developing the Blockchain-powered TradeLens with Maersk, the shipping conglomerate, and TradeLens has now signed up five of the biggest shipping companies. A subsequence of this has been the been the necessity for TradLens to obtain special exemption in the US in order to overcome any potential anti-trust legislation, otherwise even discussions between a competitor regarding how cargo documents might be used on the TradeLens platform would have been illegal. This, itself, demonstrates how Blockchain technology is changing the shipping and global supply chains and logistics with the blessing of government regulations. Furthermore, IBM has also been successful in helping supermarkets provide provenance from where the food they sell is sourced using IBM’s Food Trust Blockchain platform. Food trust has been used by the supermarket giant, Walmart, since 2017 and this short video gives an insight to the advantages food trust offers for farmers, retailers and consumers alike. …

2 min video about the stir even among central banks Libra has caused

Surely the G7 has more pressing needs than fretting over Libra? It would appear not as, according to Reuters, the G7 (United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom) had Libra on the agenda to discuss at a recent G& meeting at the beginning of October 2020. It is somewhat ironic, as apparently most of the G7 members are currently exploring the possibility of launching their own CBDC (as it is a very inclusive payment mechanism), yet they wish to ban Libra.

Reuters has reported, “G7 require payment systems to be supervised and regulated to…


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