Are NFTs crypto assets? If so, why does it matter?

Talk to most of the mighty legal and accountancy firms in Amsterdam, London, New York, Paris and Singapore (considered to be the financial centres of the world) and you will find that one of the fee-paying activities keeping them busy is giving advice on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs have become almost mainstream, with almost any organisation or individual owning intellectual property looking to cash in on the NFT craze and issue their own NFT. As to be expected, where there is money you will often find nefarious actors lurking around and hoping to both snaffle and…



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Jonny Fry

#DigitalAssets#Tokens #ChairmanGemini #Fintech #Blockchain #Assetmanager #Speaker #DigitalBytes #Economics @Teamblockchain Twitter:@jonnyfry175