As 2017 draws to a close 10 thoughts on the future of #ICOs #Cryptocurrencies and how #Blockchain technology has come of age!

1.Mankind has been reliant on the written word and knowledge now in a digital environment we are entering a state where you have almost limitless knowledge at your finger tips thanks to smart phones and the web.

2.Organisations have operated for centuries in a centralised manner Kingdoms, Governments, Religions… as we know power corrupts and absolute power.. well look at mankind’s track record!! But in a digital environment power can be decentralised and democratised as never before

3.Using the Web & #Blockchain with military grade cryptography #Bitcoin shown it’s possible to verify legitimacy of transactions ensuring integrity of the underlying asset Hitherto this had been only possible to do by central & commercial banks overseen by financial regulators

4.#Bitcoin was established to “allow for online payments [to move] from one party to another without going through a financial institution” Taken from the BTC’s Whitepaper. Thereby making transactions possible without a central bank or government.

5.Local authorities and governments are looking now and in the next 18 months will be launching their own digital currencies. #ICOs have all been about raising capital the next phase they will start deepening the relationship between clients, suppliers staff.

6.These #tokens will not be speculative but backed by assets ie mineral rights, council/local authority property. See how quickly #dash has gone in to #Zimbabwe

7.The new #tokens will help to reduce fraud, improve efficiency, increase transparency so start helping organisations to regain the trust that many have lost. Cities will start using #Blockchain

8.Global brands will launch #tokens to keep their suppliers and customers engaged, one will be rewarded for ongoing business as it is cheaper to market to existing rather than search for new clients.

9.Global #tokens and government sponsored #Cryptocurrencies will not be designed to raise capital or to rise in value so reducing the volatility of the #Cryptocurrency market and thus fuel increased institutional demand for this more stable NEW ASSET class

10.The genie is out of the bottle…. governments need more regulated exchanges for #cryptocurrencies look for more initiative similar to Gibraltar’s

Most people are hesitant and often resistant to change but slowly we are beginning to understand more clearly how technology can help us meet the challenges of our society. Blockchain and the many other technologies, ie AI,Machine learning,Robotics,VR,IOT can hang off Blockchain like a skeleton.

Some people claim we are swamped by data bombarded by too much information and do not know what or who to trust with “fake news” swirling around as governments and organisations try to manipulate us.However #Blockchain and some of the previously mentioned technologies offer us the opportunity to analyse the plethora of information that is available, sort and make sense of it far more efficiently than ever before. Now that is an exciting prospect as we turn our thoughts to 2018…….

#DigitalAssets#Tokens #ChairmanGemini #Fintech #Blockchain #Assetmanager #Speaker #DigitalBytes #Economics @Teamblockchain Twitter:@jonnyfry175

#DigitalAssets#Tokens #ChairmanGemini #Fintech #Blockchain #Assetmanager #Speaker #DigitalBytes #Economics @Teamblockchain Twitter:@jonnyfry175