Brands shift to Tokenomics

Companies like Morgan Stanley do not hire EXPENSIVE new talent for fun they are doing so as a result to demand from their clients or because they see a market opening up. It is rather ironic that a company like Morgan Stanley are looking for a needle in a hay stack ie “experienced Blockchain and Crypto currency experts” when the Crypto market is only a few years old and any extensive use of Blockchain technology not much more. In the fastmoving world of Tokenomics experience may only be a matter of months!

It has been interesting it was only 12 months ago when the whole Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) really took off resulting in 2017 there being over $5.5 Billion being invested in to ICOs from many countries all over the world.

It will be interesting to see how Morgan Stanley are going to analyse different Cryptos as the metrics that one usually uses for a quoted equity are going to be very different to how you value a Cryptocurrency. Many Cryptos would appear to be trading on a considerable hype or to be generous promise of tomorrow basis. Few Cryptos are generating income some do not even have bank accounts and in the US it seems that the SEC is probing in to many Cryptos to see if they have adhered to existing securities legislation.

One of the factors that institutional investors may want to look at is a Crytpo’s Post Marketing strategy and how big and active a ‘community’ do they have.

One real winner in this world of Tokenomics and Cryptos would appear to be Telegram who are themselves in the process of smashing all ICO records and raising over $1.3 Billion and by using their services you can see how many people are registered in the community of the Token that you want to invest in. A Token’s community is very important as it offers an organisation very valuable data about what people think about it’s products and services in real time. As in any group of people there are informed and un-informed commentators. However,the speed at which Telegram itself has grown to be now handling 10s of Billions a messages a day on behalf of over 180 members is breath taking. This is a company that has the potential to take out FACEBOOK in the same way that Google did to Yahoo……

It is not just Morgan Stanley looking to recruit bright talent in the Blockchain world Accenture one of the worlds’ largest consulting companies in the world are also on the look-out for new staff in this sector and they are not alone. If you type in to Linkedin, Blockchain jobs, you get over 700 results so why all the fuss. Well ICOs are not only raising capital for small start-ups but larger quoted publically listed firms are also now looking at this New Asset Class. The majority of Tokens that we have seen created to date have some blockchain technology involved but Tokenomics is not just about raising capital. We are beginning to see Tokens used to create Digital Loyalty schemes to attaract and reward your attention and or purchasing of their goods and services and we are even seeing Digital currencies for countries.

If your business is about advising corporations and organisation like Accenture or Morgan Stanley you can see why you need staff that understand a little about this Blockchain and Cryptos before it is too late and they seek out an advisor who does have the staff to talk to…..

#DigitalAssets#Tokens #ChairmanGemini #Fintech #Blockchain #Assetmanager #Speaker #DigitalBytes #Economics @Teamblockchain Twitter:@jonnyfry175

#DigitalAssets#Tokens #ChairmanGemini #Fintech #Blockchain #Assetmanager #Speaker #DigitalBytes #Economics @Teamblockchain Twitter:@jonnyfry175