How Governments could utilise Blockchains to improve transparency and trust while sorting out potholes on UK roads

Volume of traffic on UK Motorways in March 2020

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• UK Government paid out £30 million due to pothole damage — actual damage £2.8 billion to British motorist’s on their suspension, tyres etc
• Local councils had 700,000 pothole reported to them in 2019
• Only 10% of local authorities are meeting their own Pothole repair targets
• UK Gov website reporting pothole data — have a look it is totally illegible thus of limited use!
• UK road traffic in March 2020 more than halved on Motorways, surely now is the time to blitz road repairs so we have better infrastructure when the lock down restrictions end?
• In Bangalore in India Blockchain technology being used to track waste management reporting.
• Governments could use Blockchain-powered platform so people can report potholes. There would then be a public record showing which when and how many times potholes have been reported and when they were repaired
• While improving roads in a very transparent manner and improve trust citizens have in government pledges.

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